About Us

I purchased my first piece by Lowry around 12 years ago and it quickly escalated into the collection I have now.

Developing this online gallery to display the collection is something I have been working towards for a long time.

I am now hoping to develop this further with something that I hope will be of interest to everyone of all ages – so keep checking back!

Who We Are

I have opened this L.S Lowry inspired art gallery, after years of personally collecting his artwork.

I admit this wasn’t my original plan however, after a long time of visiting galleries and various art dealers to purchase a piece of artwork by a man that so many people admire and adore, I realised that for some people it is not about business or financial gain, but the experience, the experience to hold and to own a piece of history, the feeling of it being an investment – not just financially but an investment into the artist himself.

This is why I am hoping that this gallery will attract people who appreciate the artist and the work he created, people who will appreciate the feeling of seeing a piece of his art every day, just as I have over the years – and also why I want to give back to the person who helped me to create this gallery, by donating a percentage of all sales to The Lowry Museum, as it is a place we all need to continue to support, especially in these trying times.

I hope you enjoy the experience of being a part of this website, please contact us for anything at all by using our ‘contact us’ page and I will do all I can to assist you.